Early Morning Dew

Breakfast at the Clover Grill.

I used to walk around The French Quarter sort of early in the morning on Sunday. I’ve pretty much stopped that, mostly because I rarely go to the Quarter. No real reason. It’s just one of those things.

On this morning I was walking on Bourbon Street, toward the downriver end. Where things are quieter. I saw this man sitting in the Clover Grill behind all that window condensation. What else could I do? I took his picture.

Even when I do walk around the Quarter, I typically am not looking for the ten best tourist photographs. I’m looking for little moments. Slices of life. I think that this picture qualifies. It’s a tiny moment. For those of you who have been around Storyteller for some time — let’s say six years — you may recognize it from an earlier version. But, since about 80% of all bloggers do not make it past two years… well, you know. It’s new to you.

The picture. I wanted to tinker with it. Beyond cleaning up  and making the man a little crisper, there is not much that I could do. So, the original image is pretty much how you see it. It’s not that the picture is perfect. It’s that adding my twists to this image wouldn’t do much. It would be trying too hard.

About those ten best locations. I probably should go reshoot and refresh them. Things do change, no matter how stuck in the past we are in New Orleans. Even if it’s just in tiny increments. Besides, New Orleans is the number on tourist destination in the country.


  1. I have finally finished a huge project and have been able to get back to blogging and reading up on what everyone’s doing in blog-land. And I see you are still creating beautiful photos! Thank you! The highlight of my day right here!! 🙌🏼


      1. Oh it was for work! Time consuming, but in the end worthwhile! Now back to the creative stuff!! 👏🏼👏🏼


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