After the storm.

Spring storms.

When they finally move on, usually there is a lot of moist warm air behind them. Not this time. Cold air filled the void. Bright light bounced around the remaining clouds. Pictures were everywhere. I almost couldn’t stop making them. Lucky me.

I’m truly amazed. We sort of build our calendars according to season. Mardi Gras Season. Festival Season. Jazz Fest Season. And, on and on. And, the over arching season. The one that lasts from June to November. Hurricane Season.

Normally, by the second week of Jazzfest, the temperatures rise, a lot of rain falls, and our heavy humidity sets in. Not this year. If the weather folks are right, we’ll have cool dry air through about Sunday when Jazzfest ends. That’s something. I’m counting my blessings. I’m sure most of us are. We had a real mild winter. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll have a mild summer. It might still be hot to most of you. But, we’d enjoy it.

The picture. I photographed what I saw. Simple. But, I wanted it to look like an impressionistic painting. I’m not quite sure that I got there. I may have been too cautious. The thing to know is that the color is real. That’s how the light looked last evening around dusk. No matter what I do, no matter what any of us do, nature always comes first.

Remember that.


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