After the Storm

After the rain.

We had a huge rain storm yesterday. Power was knocked out. Streets were flooded. And, Jazzfest was postponed for about four hours. I suppose a lot of fans were disappointed when some of their favorite musicians didn’t play.


That’s life in Southeast Louisiana in late spring and throughout the summer. After all, that’s our rainy season. Lots of storms. Lots of hard rain. For the folks attending our premiere music festival, you hope there are only one or two postponements and no cancellations. It happens.

On the other hand.

There are some wonderful scenes that just sort of pop up because everything is wet. Everything glistens. Everything has its own high contrast. You just have to walk around. The dogs were getting cabin fever because those precious things will not go out in the rain. So, we drove a bit and went for a walk.

On another day I would have walked right past these leaves. Not yesterday. They were glowing. Glistening. Calling me to them. So I made a few pictures.

No. I’m not changing courses and switching back to my own form of nature pictures. But, I am opportunistic. If I see something. I take its picture. Often I don’t show it to you. I just add it to my ever-expanding archives. I made a lot of pictures yesterday. All in this same sort of genre. I may show you some more. I may just save them for Instagram. We’ll see.


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