Moonrise. Again. Version Two. See that little pin prick of light? That’s the moon. The band of black is the Sandias. The sky. Well, it’s the sky. And, really the most dominant feature. It’s also a big deal. Red, turning to magenta, to purple to almost black is pretty cool. I had nothing to do […]

A little different. I thought if I can manipulate a photograph into a kind of painting-like and grim piece of art, than I could go the other way and make it prettier. This is the result of that experiment. Often, necessity is the mother of invention. I made this picture with a camera that used a […]

“Daylight again. Following me to bed. I think about a hundred years ago. How my fathers bled. I think I see a valley. Covered with bones in blue. All the brave soldiers that cannot get older. Been asking after you. Hear the past a calling. From Armageddon’s side. When everyone’s talking and no one is listening. […]

This. And, this alone. The Facebook posts are starting. Twitter is tweeting. And, the wheel turns. Folks are thanking everybody who ever served. There is day for this. Veterans Day. People are thanking their uncle, who was a policeman for 30 years. His work meant a lot. I’m sure there is a day for that […]

It’s a weekend sort of thing. It’s an especially Memorial weekend sort of thing. With baseball. Beer. Hot dogs. Peanuts. And, Cracker Jacks. Families come out. Dads bond with sons. Sons dream of playing the game. Me? I was born a New York Yankee fan. Supposedly I saw the great Yankee Clipper, Joe DiMaggio, play […]

A little Friday picture. For your long weekend. At least for those of you who live in the United States. And, for those of you who live in The U.S., remember what that’s for. Memorial Day. It’s for those who died in the service of their country. For those who never came back. For those […]

A most interesting thing. I made this picture a few years ago in Hong Kong. On black and white film. Likely Kodak Tri-X, but I was also experimenting with Fuji Neopan. Look at the picture. Look at the color. It’s pretty much in the right place. Celery is green. Peppers are red. Ginger is light […]

I needed a break. From the never-ending news cycles. So. I rooted around in my archives an found a picture that I made of an old brick warehouse. The original file was nice and clean. I left it that way. I made a copy and proceeded to tinker with it. I eventually got to this […]

Roses. For the City of Manchester, Ariana Grande, her band, crew and staff. And, of course her fans and their parents. For the first responders. For all of England. For the rest of the world. And, for you. And, me. There will be millions of words written about the bombing at the arena in Manchester […]