It Comes Back to the Journey

Way out there in Nevada.

A little different color palate. But, the same vision. Under my theory of letting the picture take me, I decided not to turn this into some kind of apocalyptic nightmare. Instead, I thought about how this time and place felt. I built on that. A lot.

The road is Highway 95 somewhere near Tonopah, Nevada. If you recall, even though I might stay in Reno while I’m in the northern part of the state, my real goal is Fernley. You turn left at Fallon and head directly to Fernley.  Then, west to Reno on I-80. This drive is mostly boring. Except when weather plays a part. Depending on your attitude, it is either treacherous or magical.

Me? I like weird weather. That’s where the best pictures live. Unless conditions turn really icy, when you have no steering control, I usually keep going. Same thing with rain. I like working in it. Especially in a New Orleans summer. Your clothes are already moist from the blanket of humidity, so what’s a little rain wetness? Besides, if you have some soap, you can leather up your clothes and wash them while you walk. Heh!


The picture. It’s a digital image. Yes, I did a terrible thing. Something that I’ve done for years. I made a drive by shooting. Yes. There is a lot of post production work going on. Mostly to bring out my what my mind’s eye saw.


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