Junk on the Wall

In the alley.

Long ago. And far away.

I used to spend a lot of time in Hong Kong. Six years worth of time. When I wasn’t working, I was working.

Uh, what?

My day job was book production. Large press management. Anybody who knows anything about that industry knows there is an incredible amount of downtime. And, work hours that are around the clock. Two am. Your phone rings. “Press check at 2:45.” You race to get there because you live in Central and the press is about as far away in the new Territories as you can get.

However, boredom can set in. Often, expats develop a serious addiction to booze. Or, other stuff.

But, not for me.

I wandered around endlessly. Making pictures. I found the usual stuff. I found the more esoteric stuff. And, I found the nooks and crannies that many Hongkongers don’t even know about. Or, if they did, they forgot about it. This place isn’t in that deep of a cranny. It’s located on Cat Alley, or Lascar’s Row. Either name is fine. It’s become a tourist attraction because you can find really high-end art in the stores, or less expensive knockoffs along the alley. I doubt many tourists walk this far down the street to find the oldest “antique shops.” Most of the stuff you find here has been ripped out of older buildings in Hong Kong’s never-ending cycle of rebirth and rebuilding. It’s not exactly junk. But, if you were on holiday in Hong Kong would you bring an old fan home?

I didn’t think so.

The picture. I saw it. I pressed the shutter button. I forgot about it. It was one of those so-called lost files that Google Pictures dug up. I’m not even sure how it did that since this image is not on my current computer or even on my plugged in portables. Apparently, it was transferred around somewhere along the way.

That’s a good thing. It also tells me that I have to get into my deep archives. This file is tiny. A lot of my “creative” post production was done to hide that problem.



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