The Road

In New Mexico.

Dystopian. Looks like something from the end of the world.

The picture is very cinematic.

I’m very influenced visually by videos. I like trying to create a more cinematic feel in my own images. I suppose that’s what a lot of my experimentation has been about. And, continues to be. If I were younger — not an excuse because the learning curve is fairly high — I probably would want to make videos. But, I feel that I can also be fairly creative with the bounds of my own craft. Still photography. Dylan said talked about bounds in his long interview that I mentioned a few days ago. I happen to agree.

I made this picture in New Mexico. In Albuquerque. Far western Albuquerque. Where Central Avenue — Old Route 66 — and I-40 come together. This place was one of those kind of get gas, food, and anything else rest stops. I have no idea why it failed. Except to say that it might have been a little close to the city. You can buy cheaper gas and better food a mile away just by exiting the interstate and driving into the neighborhood which you can see from the highway. Maybe back in the old days when Route 66 was actually the main east – west road, this place was important. But, things change.

The picture. Things change with pictures too. I once heard a musician say that when you play a song 500 or 600 times the song eventually teaches you how to play it. I think the same thing with pictures. Your first attempt is to approximate what you saw when you stopped to take the picture. Then you mess with it. Then you mess with it again. Hopefully the picture teaches you and you learn about the scene and yourself in the process. I’m still not sure that this is the final version of this image. There may never be a final version. I do know that after Google Images did its thing and found “lost” pictures, I’m really excited to start going back into my original take and see what I “missed” the first or second time around.

That is a great reason for not deleting everything after you cull your images. Or, even more importantly not deleting pictures on the street while using that itty bitty LCD on the back of your camera. Your opinions, your emotions, and your seeing changes after a period of time. Besides, mass storage space isn’t that expensive and it gets cheaper every day.


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  1. that’s what I like about NM. It’s at the end of the world. ☺ I’ve thought the same about videos every time I’ve spent money on a camera the last 4 or 5 years but always think all the 20 year olds with Gopros would just make me look bad.

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