Into Every Life


The phone started buzzing. It wouldn’t stop. It was 4:45 am. Tornado warning. Seek shelter. Now.

So. Into the middle of the house I went. Into the pantry area near the kitchen. Until 5:15 am, when the storm passed. I thought that this was going to be one long day. Luckily. I laid down and fell back asleep. All the while I kept thinking, I’m not exactly mobile. What if I need to make a break for it? We aren’t used to tornadoes in New Orleans. While they’ve happened in the past, the frequency these days is frightening. This storm did kill two people. Up in Breaux Bridge. A young mother and her three-year old daughter. Breaks my heart.

Never live in mobile homes. They are tornado magnets.

This picture is a little old. For those of you who have been around for a while, you’ve seen the horizontal version. This one wasn’t just recently “found.” I knew where it was. I just never published it. So, it languished.

I’m also not used to being immobile. This is killing me. It could have been literally. There is news on that front. Finally, after three weeks, the inflammation near my bone spurs in retreating. One of the biggest symptoms was very, very tight hamstrings. So tight that they were very painful even just sitting in place. They felt like cords of steel. They are now loose and flexible. Except when I walk. But, that’s how they are supposed to work.



      1. I’ve always thought Budokan sounds exotic, like some otherworldly pkace, even though it just means wrestling hall (I think).

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