A Sunday Thing

In prayer.

Since I’m still not working, I’m looking at a deep review of my archives. I made a switch to Google Pictures. I cannot tell you how good it is at finding pictures that were “lost” in the nooks and crannies of my hard drives. Not only that, but it organizes them very well. It also searches pretty well. As long as I wrote the proper keywords or tags.


Back in the old days, I’m not sure how many people understood that you needed to add complex metadata. You know? Data about data. Sounds funny. I know. You’re a visual person. Pictures are visual. In order to find a picture you have to write about it.


I made this picture in 2009. There is a little shrine not very far from where I lived in New Mexico. I went there a lot. Not because of any religious belief. Instead, because the place kept growing and retracting as the seasons turned. Besides, you know me. I think the work is the prayer. Lately, I’ve taken to describing myself as non-denominational for those who aren’t sure of my slightly Buddhist saying.

Of course, I’m non-denominational. I like $5 bills, $10 bills, $20 bills. Any kind of folding money. I’m not particularly greedy. But, I need things. Cameras. Dog food. New Music. Probably a new mattress made out of concrete to protect my slowly healing back.

One more thing about “The work is the prayer.” I heard that from two religions. Buddhist monks. And, Benedictine monks. You know. Catholic monks. I reckoned that if two religions actually agree on something you can’t go wrong.


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