My Approach

An experiment.

Unlike yesterday’s picture, this one is real. It was made on black and white film, printed and eventually scanned. Then, I tinkered with it.

Why this change from spring flowers? Simple. Until my back heals properly, I’m a little house bound. It’s not as bad as you might think. It is painful as it could be. But, it will heal. Eventually. Some day.

I have to bone spurs on my lower spine. Bone spurs are not a problem in and of themselves. They are just extra bone growth usually brought on by wear and tear. The problem occurs when they touch nerves,  muscles and other tissues. Doing the stretches that I do, is one way of preventing that. I haven’t felt like this in the seven years since the problem was originally diagnosed. Bouncing around on Super Sunday caused the issue.


I didn’t realize it at the time, or even until a day or two ago while I was treating it as if it was hip related. It’s not. Now that I understand the problem, I’m using RICE, pain meds and not doing of much of anything. If it doesn’t start healing on its own in the next day or so, I’m off to my primary care doctor who will have to refer me to a orthopod who I don’t know. Their course of treatment is usually a local cortisone injection and muscle relaxers.

Except. I get bored doing nothing.

I thought I would scan and tinker with old pictures. It keeps my mind active and engaged. Sometimes, I even forget the pain. All good.

Of course, my studio chair is designed for someone who isn’t hurting. It’s a real live professional office work chair that I bought for $10 at a professional office re-sale store. It looks brand new and was once part of an office lease package. I’m fine when I’m sitting in it. But, getting up…

Ow, ow, ow.

The picture was made in Paris. France. A few years ago. The original print is actually okay. Based on how I’m feeling, I thought I’d make it a little moody. A little evil. Looking.


    1. Thank you. Sometimes, I think creativity is driven by circumstances. When things get too easy, your level of creativity declines. As Neil Young once said, when things get too middle of the road, I head straight for the gutter where things are more interesting.

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