New Leaders

On the line.

The new leaders.

The young ones. The ones who carry the future. In their hands. I call them Baby Indians. I say that with all and deepest respect. And, admiration. They are learning early. They will be the leaders of the city. One day. Soon.

The pictures were made at the beginning of the Keeping It Real Second Line, when the children walk to honor, and to call attention to those who didn’t make it. The ones who lost their lives on our violent streets. Usually for no reason. They were just standing there. Or, sitting there. Because, the bad guys can’t shoot straight. Or, mostly because the bad guys just don’t think. Won’t think. Or, can’t think.

Technically, this is just about being there. Being a little bit patient. And, finding the moment. Anyone can do it. With a few years of practice. There are no tips for doing this. You can’t learn this in a few minutes. You have to work at it. Just like the baby Indians who will grow up to be adult Indians and leaders in the community.

Green glance.




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