Keepin’ It Real.

That was Sunday’s second line. In Mid-City. By the bayou. It was cold. It was gray. But, the rain that fell earlier in the day, stopped. The first few divisions of the parade were more-or-less separate as they were a stop-the-violence parade, mostly made up of baby Mardi Gras Indians. I’ll show you pictures of them a little later in the week. Apparently, the founder of that second line co-opted the name and calls it Downtown Super Sunday, which it isn’t. Downtown Super Sunday is a Mardi Gras Indian event that takes place on April 2. Or, so I’m told.

But, for today.

I thought I would get you going with a little dancing. And a little brass instrument blowing.

The pictures. Given that I’m not feeling very well, I was more than impressed with my results. I made about ten pictures of this guy dancing, in three separate groups along the parade start. Even on a good day I’m lucky I can shoot one sequence. And, I made a lot of other pretty good pictures. You’ll see. Hopefully, you’ll agree.

And, dancing.
And, dancing some more.

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