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Along the Way

The trees, the moon and other stuff.

Yes. Things I’ve learned along the way.

Starting with making pictures with a smart phone. They ain’t so smart. They don’t like night. I don’t care which of the latest and greatest owns you. Night time ain’t the right time.

This picture, in this style, exists because the pure color version was unusable. Way too much noise. Weird contrast. Strange color. I tried every trick I know. And, some that I don’t know. I got the color back. I controlled the contrast. But, the noise… oh, the noise. The picture looked like there was a blizzard buried in it.


I tinkered with it. I made it spooky. Like a Halloween picture. Only one made in March. We’ve had spring-like weather conditions for about a month. So, why all the bare trees? Texas Live Oaks. The shed their leaves in mid-spring. It’s great. That means in New Orleans, we are always raking leaves.

The picture is all post production. Simple.

What else did I learn?

Just one other thing. Today. Google has been really pushing Google Drive and storage. They think they are going to catch Amazon, whose major profits come from mass storage and subleased web space. I doubt they’ll ever catch them.


I tried them last night. I did what I always do. I uploaded a group of pictures, let them process and went to bed. When I got up in the morning, not only did the computer not turn on, but I had to do a hard reset to reboot it. Do you know how much I dislike that? Doing that shuts down everything including my own mass storage and Alexa. When I finally got back into Google Drive nothing had been downloaded. I’m not sure why. But, I have a good idea. I suspect that unlike Amazon archiving, it does not allow for TIFFS which is how I make my master files. I probably jammed up their system. I’m not changing my workflow to suit them. I’ll stick with Amazon.

That’s it. Only two things. But, learning two things before 10 am on a Friday counts for a lot.


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