Day: March 8, 2017

20 Female Street Artist you should know

Here’s some amazing street art. Have a look. You know that I don’t do this often. I also fits nicely into the discussion on Storyteller. Street art and graffiti magazine Street Art is still a boys’ club ? Absolutely not ! There are loads of talented street artists around the world who are women … and the aliases they use don’t always speak to their gender. Here’s 20 female artists with incredible talent who are breaking the stereotype! Christina Angelina, Vinie Graffiti, Julia Volchkova, Faith 47, Jamin Aka Hera – from Herakut duo, Alice Pasquini, Miss Van, Swoon, Zabou, Liliwenn, Ju Violeta, Panmela Castro, Amara Por Dios, Natalia Rak, B Toy, Alice Mizrachi, Shamsia Hassani, Magrela, Bambi, Indigo.  Christina Angelina  is an internationally renowned artist who was born, raised and is now based in Venice, California. Christina Angelina Artwork Christina Angelina in Reno Christina Angelina and Fanakapan /photo 2015 @kungfubreakfast Vinie Graffiti: is a French street artist based in Montreuil / Paris Vinie Graffiti Art Vinie Graffiti Art Julia Volchkova:  Born in Nizhnevartovsk in Siberia (Russia) in 1987 Julia Volchkova Street Art Julia Volchkova Street Art Faith 47:  …

Physical Graffiti

I like photographing graffiti. Despite your views on it, graffiti done well is a kind of folk art. Tagging is another matter entirely. Yesterday I wrote that my work is done by discovery. Just photographing the wall would, to my mind, make it a copy of somebody else’s work. Adding an element — the red scooter — makes it my work. That’s what my own sense of right and wrong says. Copyright law happens to agree with me. This picture. I was photographing some parade — they are all a blur now — and happened to see the scooter parked about a half a block away. So, I did what I do. I made the picture. One thing to note about the graffiti. The darker — purple, teal and orange — bit of folk art is painted over something that was once simpler, painted in black and white. Apparently, mural sized walls are at a premium in the Bywater.