Squares, not squares.


No little boxes. Don’t left anybody put you in them. Don’t put yourself in one. If your experiment fails, it fails. That’s how you learn. How you grow. Anybody who knows me knows I am a baseball fan. Think about this. The very best hitters have a batting average of around .300. That means they only get a hit once in three at bats. They make an out the other two times.

Who are we as artists, writers, musicians, to think that we should do any better?

If I really think about it, I’m not sure that I can claim the mantle of artist. I see things. I make pictures of what I see. That’s it. Artists, as I understand them, actually create something from whole clothe. Yeah, sure. I do some stuff in post production that makes my picture a little different. But, without being there. Being on site. Seeing stuff the somebody else has already done, what would I have?

Make no mistake. People call me an artist. I’ll take it. I’m honored. Humbled. But, for me, I have to strip it back and understand what I really do. Pictures by discovery.

This picture. Somebody painted a bunch of squares on an iron door. A while ago. The door is starting to rust. Somebody else hung few Mardi Gras beads over the top. A while ago. They are fading. Discolored. Then, I walked by and took a picture. On the way to somewhere else. As usual.

I managed to put everyone’s work in my picture. I suppose that at least three of us are part of it. Maybe more.


  1. Now you have me worried.
    You wrote what I often think. All I did was see someone else’s effort or nature’s doing, purposely or not, then pushed a button. That thinking won’t get you anywhere, I know! 😀


    1. Don’t be worried. It’ll just tire you out. 🙂 This came from a bigger discussion about art and photography with a couple of my buddies. For me, it’s probably why I like photographing people more than static subjects. There is the decisive moment thing going on. It’s something that all people who work in the street struggle with. Although street photography doesn’t mean what it did when I came up.


  2. You have defined how I do photography … almost always “Pictures by Discovery”
    Also, I came across a quote recently by Winston Churchhill … Something like this …
    “Success is continuing to have failure after failure with enthusiasm”
    Well at least its funny. Maybe he didn’t even say it or was misquoted. What do you think?


    1. I think most people do work by discovery. Unless they are tied to the studio, how else can it be? Even the famous ones — Ansel Adams — who talk about their pictures make that clear. What do I think about Winston Churchill? Never met the man. Heh!

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