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Drifting away.

Drifting away.

Slipping into a new week.

Seems like forever since Mardi Gras. It was only six days ago. That’s okay. I kind of needed a week to drift. Now, it’s time to pull up my pants and get to work.

First stop. A big box store. That’s a whole other story. Then, a few pictures. That too, is another story. I’ll just leave at that. I’ll just call this my Facebook post. You know the ones. Somebody posts something. They don’t say much about it. You start to wonder. Or, worry. They never reply. Even when 20 people ask, “Are you okay?” That, in part, is why I’m barely on Facebook anymore. There’s other parts.

This picture. I suppose it could fit in the occasional series, “What the Dog Saw,” except it was a little out of her line of sight. It’s a little man-made stream. The water was running fairly fast. I had thoughts of turning it into one of those misty water pictures, but those are so last decade. So, I kept everything as sharp as possible. To the point that you might not understand that the rust and blue colors are even water.



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