Day: March 3, 2017

Open and Closed

Open and closed… at one time. Mardi Gras 2017 has been in the history books since Wednesday morning at 12:01 am. With that,  my Mardi Gras pictures are closing for this year too. Of course, I’m two days late. But, that’s usual for me. Mardi Gras was good. The parades were good. Looking back to the start way back in January, Carnival Season was very productive and a lot of fun for me. I made some pictures that I like. I made some that I didn’t like. And, I didn’t capture anything. That’s a story for another day. An Ansel Adams story. These pictures. Odd moments along the parade routes. There is no trick to this. Just walk a lot. See a picture. Point the camera. Make the picture. Thank your subject. If you can. Advertisements