Painting with Light

Trumpet reflections.
Trumpet reflections.

Some how. Some way. This post, originally scheduled  for noon my time, was posted into a sub category under the heading of “New Orleans, but where do I go?” That was going to be a more touristy sub site of Storyteller. I’ve never actually developed it. I did nothing different from my usual routine.

If you click on one of the title next to my name, you can read what I originally wrote. I’m not going to do it twice and WordPress won’t let me copy and paste.

Sorry about that.

Light through the bass drum.
Light through the bass drum.




      1. Actually, you’re confusing me. Especially since you are Janet and the other poster is Dwight… this is probably the reason that I don’t always even read one or the other blog. I see the icon and think, “wait a minute…”


      2. Hopefully, he’s not you. I’ll complain to WP if you’re running some kind of game. And, among my magical powers is my abilities to turn posters into spam. Wanna see?


      3. Hey, Janet. I saw your lame attempt at changing the icon picture last night. Tell Dwight if he is really in recovery, that he is truly messing with his own sobriety. If it’s you just thinking how cute you are, understand that you are messing with the security of anybody who follows you. WordPress is looking into it. I can’t predict what they will do. In a week or so, I’ll spam both accounts and I won’t have to deal with you again.


    1. Thank you. I am not normally a big gear guy. But, I bought a new lens a couple of weeks before Mardi Gras. I call it the magic lens. It allowed me to work in dark corners of light. I couldn’t do that earlier.

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      1. Well, I believe you set up a routine that helps get you in a mental space to do that. In this case, I was so tired from steady work and walking about 12 miles a day that all thought just turned off. The perfect space. 📷

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