You’re Younger Than You Realize

Color and a smile.
Color and a smile.

“Do not be sad because something ended. Be happy because it happened.” — Doctor Seuss.

Like all good things, Mardi Gras 2017 is fading into history. Into our collective memories. Into our own internal myth making machines. In all, it was a great carnival. It was jam-packed. Some say attendance records might have broken. Some say it was close, but no cigar. All I know is that every place was packed. Everybody had a good time. Everybody danced. Most people masked. Most people caught a few throws.

Yes. Some bad things happened. One of them even made international news. We have to fix that. That 1% of the events can’t be allowed to damage the other 99%. Stuff always happens. But…

We won’t go there for now. After all, it’s Ash Wednesday. For those of you who believe in that way it’s time to make amends. To pay for our yearly excesses. For our Mardi Gras extremes. Luckily, I’m old. I don’t have to many excesses and extremes. Except for taking too many pictures. Too often.

I suppose that’s a good thing. For me. For you, Mardi Gras didn’t end this morning at 12:01 am. For us. The pictures will roll on forever and the party will never end. Or, seemingly. Eventually, you’ll say enough. And, I’ll get bored and move on.

The pictures. They were made over the past two weeks. They are all about happy, smiling people. Because it is so colorful, I like the very top picture. The lead picture. But, you could already guess that.

I also like the picture called, “Yeah, right.” Although she is about eight years old, she has the wizened look of a grandma.

All beans.
All beans.


  1. I’m not big on crowds, so Mardi Gras and me aren’t compatible, but I’d love to see it before it got big or winding down, when things’re still festive but not crazy. Mardi Gras and the town in general look so colorful, vibrant and alive. Love how your pictures can catch it–great work.

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    1. Nobody in this house likes crowds, which is pretty much why I work at the start. I also stay out of the French Quarter during Mardi Gras. For people who live here, in many ways, it is more like Christmas or Thanksgiving — family and friends time. Thank you.

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  2. Thank you so much, Ray, for sharing your pictures and thoughts on Mardi Gras. My daughter is visiting there just now and your posts have given me some idea of the kind of things she is seeing and experiencing. Perhaps some day I’ll get to see it too.

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  3. Ray, the featured image here is INCREDIBLE. Vivid joy and color and life and…

    I’d love to try to sketch a version of this… if you don’t mind (I’ll give you a copy if I can put together something halfway decent, and with your permission, I’ll post a link here if we decide it’s something worth sharing).

    Thanks so much and glad you enjoyed Mardi Gras!


      1. Thanks Ray! If you leave a comment on my blog I’ll have an email address I can send a copy to (I don’t spam). I didn’t see an email address on your about page.


  4. I’ve finally finished the sketch and included it in my blog. Hope you like it. I know it’s not as vibrant and colorful as the photo you shared with us, but I suspect those that follow the backlink here will be able to see what I was going for (and appreciate the Real Thing in all its glory).



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