Who has the Wrench?

A group portrait.
A group portrait.

Lundi Gras.

That’s today. The Monday before Mardi Gras Day. I’m pretty busy. To make matters worse, I woke up at 5:15 am, which is way too early. I thought, “No way, I’ll be walking around in a fog all day.” So I tried to go back to sleep. That never works for me. Once I’m wide awake, I’m up. Not this time. I fell back asleep. Until 8:30 am. Now, it’s too late. Sheesh.


I’m running and gunning. Moving and grooving. Slipping and sliding.

I’m almost caught up to the point I need to be in order to slip over to the Bywater and take pictures of the Red Beans parade. It’s around noon as I write and it starts at 2pm. But, you know. Parking and stuff. The place at which I usually park is now the place where it starts, so that won’t work.

It’s not as bad as it sounds. I’m actually laughing as I write. The dogs have been walked. Their bowls have been filled. The house has been put back in order. The cameras are ready and in working order. I’ve been caffeinated.

Now, I just have to finish this and get there.

The pictures. The back end of marching bands. Getting ready for the big show. The reason that I like to go to parades early and wander around. Enjoy.


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