Bits of Bands

Reflections of Mardi Gras.
Reflections of Mardi Gras.

Marching bands.

Some say they are one of the best parts of a Mardi Gras parade. I’m not sure about that. But, you know how much I like them. I spend a lot of time making pictures of the bands. Their instruments. A lot of little details. In another life I might have been a musician. As it is, I can’t play a note.

Or, perhaps it’s just the bright and shiny objects. Like everybody else, I’m attracted to bling. As you know, I like reflections of stuff.

The pictures. This is why I go to the start of the parades. I can walk around and just make pictures. I can show you things that many people don’t ever get the chance to see. That’s one of my biggest jobs. To be a witness. Maybe I should go back to doing that a little more seriously. Seems like we are heading into interesting times. The worst Chinese curse.

A little housekeeping. Something weird happened yesterday. I managed to make a “butt” post. I have no idea why or how, but I managed to turn my phone on, press the WordPress app, type a few things in, and post it. All, without knowing it.

This is what I wrote in the title bar. “BBB…” No pictures, no text.

Here’s the telling and discouraging part. Twelve of you liked it. I had no idea that I accidentally posted until I saw the “like” notifications that said so-and-so liked “BBB…”

Wait, what?

I can’t speak for anybody but me. I read your posts before I like them. Even if I have to use Google Translator to do so. Just saying’.

Flag bearer, Krewe of Muses, Mardi Gras 2017, Uptown, New Orleans
Flag bearer, Krewe of Muses, Mardi Gras 2017, Uptown, New Orleans

14 thoughts on “Bits of Bands

  1. I wonder if there isn’t an automated way of doing it! Some of them are really quick!

    Love your photos and words – both are unique! I can spot them wherever they are, even if I find them outside your blog!

    Be always careful out there!


  2. Sorry. I mean exactly the opposite. If somebody takes the time to do whatever they do, we should take the time to read it. Not just “like” stuff. What does that do for anybody? I think that WordPress, should take a page from Apple’s book. If you want to download an app and they include a kind of contract, you cannot click “accept” until you have at least scrolled through the content.


  3. That’s hilarious! And I’m nearly positive I wasn’t one of the Butt post likers. I’m with you. I actually enjoy reading the posts and seeing the pics from bloggers I follow. Its more than a marketing tactic.


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