You Know That Saying?

Spring colors.
Spring colors.

That saying. The one that goes something like this. “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”

Yeah, well.

This post was supposed to be Mardi Gras parade pictures. The predicted rain fell. Almost all night. You know that wouldn’t stop me. But, the sniffles, sneezing and mild coughing did. I thought, “Oh no, not at the very beginning of parade season.” So, I stayed in. No parades for me last night.

Dawn broke bright and sunny. The temperature was warmer. I felt much better too. Hopefully, I was feeling the effects of spring. With all these pretty blooms all around there is a lot of pollen in the air.  The rain washed the air and it probably washed my sinuses as well. To make sure, I took a Claritin — which is what works best for me. I feel fine as I write.

Tonight I have a choice. Traditional parades, uptown. Or, the Krewes of ‘titRex and Chewbacchus, downtown. You can image  — just from their names — that they are a little “different.” For the past few years I have been working downtown. Since I didn’t work last night, I may reverse that. The biggest issue is parking. There are two daytime parades that I never photograph. But, the folks who go to them usually stay for the next two which makes parking for the night parades a little challenging. To say the least. I’ll flip a coin at the last-minute. And, call Uber.

This picture. My apologies if you follow me on Instagram, or on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook. You may have already seen this picture. I always intended for it to be an Instagram picture, but I really do like it. And, it’s a day or so old so I thought I would share it with y’all.

I was walking a couple of the dogs when I took it. So guess what? It’s an iPhone picture. I have no idea of the technical specs except to say it sure does make weird files. The files are something like 48 x 36 inches, but at 72 ppi. If you uprezed that to a normal file at 300 ppi, that total file size would be huge.




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