Across the Street From Easy Street

Down on the corner.
Down on the corner.

I was standing on the corner of Fifth and Vermouth when I saw this scene. Nah. That’s a line from a Tom Waits song. I, however, was standing on the corner of Ursulines and Bourbon Streets. In The French Quarter. On my way to the Krewe du Vieux parade.


I saw this scene. It’s a cross between a Tom Waits song and Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks at the Diner.” I just had to take this picture. It needed to be a little lonely feeling. So. I waited. For cars. For passersby. For a lone dog. Then it happened. A clear view. I shot like crazy. Like mad. I framed the picture a couple of different ways. This is the one I like best.

This always happens. Pictures on the way to some place else.

In theory, I’m out and about these next two weeks photographing all things Mardi Gras. But, then I stumble — literally since our streets are the worst — into something that I like better. Obviously, I get distracted easily.

The picture. By now you’ve figured out that I found the scene. The technical details are simple. Using the new magic lens, the 18 – 105mm, handheld. I used auto ISO, auto shutter speed at f 5.6. That’s about it.



      1. That was that night. So far this first weekend of heavy Mardi Gras parades, there been three shootings, including one on the parade route. You, I write like I like this city, but…

      2. and i guess on top of that with NBA games it even busier…and yes i’m a cautious Canadian i know the one time i was at a conference during Mardi Gras …i was overwhelmed…and we were told to stay away from areas…of course we have our own issues here in Etown…have a safe day Ray.

      3. Oh you just had to go there. πŸ˜‚I like to work at the start of the parades about a mile from home. Last night I had to cross the river to the Westbank, turn around at the first exit and take the expressway back to my neighborhood. Crime is far worse then whenever you were here. It used to be predictable in certain neighborhoods at certain times a day. Now, it’s citywide and could happen at high noon. I’m probably safe today. Krewe of Barkus. I’ll be surrounded by about 3,000 dogs. ⚜

  1. Thank you. Probably my favorite painting ever is “Nighthawks at the Diner.” After studying it for a long time I realized there are no doors in the diner. The nighthawks are there forever.

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