The real man.
The real man. The half man. 

Somewhere in the Quarter. In the middle.

I gotta take a little tiny break from chasing around.


It starts. This weekend. Mardi Gras parades. Krewe du Vieux, first. An adult parade. Or, something like that. I’m sure this year it will be all politics. All Trump. The parade will be a great. What krewe will have to say will be nasty. As it should be.

Krewe du Vieux is one of the few parades that passes through the French Quarter. In the darkness of early evening. I have great hopes for the magic lens. And, another shorter, magic lens.

I’ll photograph a second line the next day. CTC. Cross The Canal. They walk from about St. Roch into the Lower 9th Ward. That’ll be the last second line until after Mardi Gras. The next one is scheduled for March 4. I have to photograph this one. I have a point to make. Two points, really. One is about last Sunday’s second line. The other is about me. Work late one night, work early the next day. Almost no physical recovery time. We’ll just see about this.

Remember. I’m an old guy. We need time in our rockers. Sitting on a pillow.

The picture. On the way to some place else. Point, focus, shoot. Anybody can do this. Everybody does. But, first… you have to see it.



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