… they are just in the wrong order.

The Treme Sidewalk Steppers Second Line.

They packed just about everything they could into it. A huge van that was essentially a giant speaker. The krewes, themselves. The normal brass bands. A large group of unknown security people.  A high school marching band. A lot of big money donors. Oh, and a guy dressed like a Mardi Gras Indian.

Normally, there is sort of chaos to any second line parade. That’s the fun of it. And, it’s sort of controlled. Controlled chaos. That comes from respect. We all respect each other.

This one. Not so much. Sheesh. They planned to start early at 11:30am. They actually started about 45 minutes late. That’s normal. The NOPD normally try to push it along since city streets are blocked. I’m not sure they could get to the organizers. When the second line did start, it ran right into the last runners of the Rock n’ Roll Marathon who were coming down Esplanade. Two blocks away. Did I use the word planning? Did I mean it?

You know me. I don’t complain about this stuff. At the very least, there is a sense of satisfaction in knowing I actually somehow managed to get the job done. At best, it almost a religious experience and I walk away with a sort of high. A lot of times it’s somewhere in the middle. All good.

The pictures. No talent. All luck. All technology. The new lens is magic. No reason in the world for these pictures to exist. But, that lens…

Illegal smiles.
Illegal smiles.






9 Replies to “All of the Words are There…”

  1. Alright, Ray – I think you’ve been doing this for so long that it’s second nature for you. It’s not the lens. I know lots of people that could have the best camera and best lenses in the world, and couldn’t take a decent picture if their life depended on it. I’m glad you like the lens, and can keep posting more work with it!


    1. Well, thanks for that. But… this second line had everybody confused. I couldn’t get myself even close to the usual positions because of — well, I’m not sure what — either money or hubris. The combination of lens and body is supposed to be one of the best for street work. It did help a lot. So, I’m still going with magic. 🙂

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  2. These are all awesome!! I have to say that the multi-tasking image is a classic!! It has everything… even love the guy in the background to his right and his sunglasses and instrument include reflections. I just love that! And boy… that’s some talent he has there with the multi-tasking. 😉


    1. Thank you. The guy in the background is my buddy. I owe him about a billion pictures. These guys have been playing for so long, the street music is easy to them. Many of these bands not only play on stage locally, but have toured the world. Many times they work on Sunday for the same reason I do. It feels good.

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  3. I’m going to try for the double too. The start on Saturday and meet them somewhere on Sunday. Some place I can walk home from. Alvar or thereabouts maybe. I had a 24-105 on my last Canon and I took every photo I wanted. It’s almost perfect in terms of zoom range versus size.


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