Things were…

Walking to work.
Walking to work.

Things were lost. Things were broken. After looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing.

I’ve been posting some pretty ragged “New Orleans” pictures. Lately. But, this one. This is the one you came to see. A musician carrying his tuba — it’s a sousaphone, as a friend of mine rightly says, but say that on the street and laughter begins — to work.

This guy is a member of the Treme Brass Band. They get a lot of paid work playing in the commercial second lines in the French Quarter. This are not neighborhood walks. They are usually paid for by a wedding party, some corporate event or even just because somebody wanted to parade around the Quarter and has a few dollars to spend. There are somewhere between 20 and 30 a day. They don’t walk far. Usually a few blocks or around the corner. But, the musicians who work them have a pretty good income stream.

Now. It seems.

Some neighborhood organizations would like to dip their toes in that pool of money. Seems they’ve enlisted the help of the Jazz & Heritage Foundation, some local well monied folks and are testing the waters of this on Rampart Street. Mark my words. In a year or so, some major street or two will be blocked and controlled. In order to actually get close to the parade you’ll have to buy a ticket.

Like I’m gonna do that.

The picture. Well, you know. On my way to some place else. In Treme. Walking near Armstrong Park. That Armstrong. Louis. The guy with the amazing trumpeting skills and gravelly voice. This picture was almost taken from the hip. I added a little in post production to make it look like a felt on a great early spring day.



  1. I love the photo – just the one guy and the lighting and the trees and the concrete posts drawing me into the frame.
    Btw – I’ve been meaning to ask … how long have you lived in New Orleans and how/why did you decide to live there?


    1. Thank you. One of those pictures that I made on the way to somewhere else. If you are out wandering around, you get lucky. Sometimes.

      New Orleans? About 20 years, with a couple year break in New Mexico to recover from the storm. What does Jimmy Buffet say about the reason men do anything? The women. I met and married a NOLA women. It didn’t work. It couldn’t. But, I liked the city so I stayed. Even while I was exiled in the high desert of NM, I kept coming back…

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