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Dem Bones

What is that?

What is that?


The dogs — there are more than one — like to go to the tennis court. It’s a neighborhood court. I suppose everybody within walking distance shares it. You can shut the gates and the dogs can run around without a leash in a place that isn’t their backyard. They are amusing. Sometimes we find discarded tennis balls. Sometimes we bring them from home. They like to play their version of soccer. Or football for those of you… they play it differently. Everybody attacks the dog who has the ball. Until that dog flings it with his or her mouth. The ball rolls. The dogs chase it. The cycle starts again. Sometimes I just sit on a bench. Laughing.

Not yesterday.

Something in the middle of the court caught my eye. From a distance it looked ominous. I thought, what kind of voodoo is that? I thought about texting Vampy. But he doesn’t exist yet. Nor does Voo. His sidekick who I just invented. So, I walked over to investigate.

From one angle it looks a little scary. But from the other…

It’s a child’s play thing. Or, is it?

The pictures. Oh. You know. See them. Take them. Help them a little in post production.

Oh, whew.

Oh, whew.



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