Who is Winding the Clocks?

Spring contrasts.
Spring contrasts.

The seasons.

Fall comes late. Spring comes early. In the south. I made this picture yesterday. I suppose it also fits into the occasional series, “What the Dog Saw.” Except, she walked right past this. I guess she’s finally learned not to eat those acorns. They upset her tummy.

I want to thank you all for continuing to think I can write. You’ve convinced me. I think I’ll write a book. I have nothing to say. But, that doesn’t stop a lot of people. After all, think of those Kardashians. Heh.

Maybe I’ll write about something unique. How about Vampires in the Quarter? Oh wait. Anne Rice did that. The minute she made any money from the books and movies, she left New Orleans for the sunny climes of San Diego, rarely to return. Maybe another police procedural? Like a bunch of Federal cops who work for the Navy roaming around the city? Oh wait. That show is on television. I know, I know… I’ll rip it from the headlines. How about this? From January 1 to the end of the month, there were 75 shootings resulting in 22 deaths. We are on  pace for the most violent year in many years. So, how about this? A super vampire who works for the Feds who arrives in New Orleans to suck out the blood of those killers. I’ll call him, “Vampy.” Instead of a dark clothes and a cape, I’ll dress him in black running clothes. His shirt will have a huge red “V” on it. By day, he works at any one of our 3,500 restaurants. By night, he fights crime. Oh. And he can’t keep a job (like many chefs) so he eventually works at every restaurant in the city. Until, one day he runs out of places to work. And, moves to Kenner.


You were right. I can write. Heh.

I suppose that you want to know about the picture. It’s just an iPhone snap. I tuned it up in Snapseed. But, I didn’t add color. I just drew out whatever ambient color was lurking in the image.


  1. Haha. Epic. Needs some sexual tension too, maybe Vampy has a cute sidekick with a dark secret (part time zombie) and they banter about Marmite to cover up their ill fated attraction.


      1. Haha. Maybe someday I could join you in a parade, second line. I’ve never thought N.O. being third world – more like “other world” Btw – I really meant that I love that acorn photo. Ok, all clear now.


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