Yes. Alligators. I’m up to my butt in them. I made a lot of pictures yesterday. Maybe too many. That’s to be expected when you work about eight hours photographing Lundi Gras. I’ll share them with you over the course of this week. For now, it’s all I can do to download them from my cardsContinue reading “Alligators”

Bits of Bands

Marching bands. Some say they are one of the best parts of a Mardi Gras parade. I’m not sure about that. But, you know how much I like them. I spend a lot of time making pictures of the bands. Their instruments. A lot of little details. In another life I might have been a musician.Continue reading “Bits of Bands”

Rattle and Hum

Ebb and flow. A couple of the people who make Mardi Gras so much fun. And, a lot of colorful bling that makes Mardi Gras, well, so much fun. I was going to group pictures by subject. But, I realized that wouldn’t give you the sense of it all. For instance, in the course ofContinue reading “Rattle and Hum”

The Spirit of Things

This is all you need to know. About anything. This is Mardi Gras. In kind. And, in spirit. A son pushing has dad. A krewe reaching out to give them beads. A feeling of oneness. Togetherness. This moment. This place. This time. As you know, I don’t chimp. I never look at my pictures whileContinue reading “The Spirit of Things”


Beads. They are everywhere. This time of year. And, most times of the year. These are fresh. Bright. Shiny. New. As the year rolls on they will begin to fade. If they manage to hang around for a couple of years they will show their true colors. Black. Gray. White. For now, they sparkle in theContinue reading “Beads”

Mostly Music

More Mardi Gras. Forever. Or, so it may seem. I thought that on off days I would organize posts by category. So. Music. Floats. Spectators. Details. And, so on. There still isn’t enough time in the week to show you everything, so I’ll do a wrapper during the week after Mardi Gras Day. These are a fewContinue reading “Mostly Music”

Krewe of Barkus. Woof.

  The Krewe of Barkus. This post wrote itself. Woof, woof, woof, bark, bark, bark, growl, growl, growl, grrr, grrr, grr. See what I mean? Anyway. The Krewe of Barkus. It’s about dogs. It’s their parade. But, it’s also about their humans. It’s also our parade too. It’s hard to know who is masked better. The dogs? Or,Continue reading “Krewe of Barkus. Woof.”

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