From the Inside

All a blur.
All a blur.

Sometimes, the view from the inside is as good as the one from the line. You know, the second line. At least, it is for me. I think the moments that surround the main action are maybe more interesting than the action, itself. I like the fringes. The edges. The corners.

These pictures were made inside the Sportsman’s Club just before the second line burst through the doors and started rolling through Central City.

Not much to the pictures. Just be there. Smile, ask and take a few pictures.

But, there are all sorts of technical issues. Because these places are dark, you could blast away with a flash to get good technical light.


Two things about that.

Too much strobing away and you start to disturb the people as they are getting ready. Nobody likes having flashes repeatedly popped in their faces. And, you’ll lose all that wonderful, multi-colored ambient light. You lose the mystery. And, you lose the sense of place. Sure you can use fill flash, but it doesn’t solve the first problem.


I let the camera do its thing. I recently learned that with many digital cameras, using auto-ISO is your best bet in this situation. Apparently, the camera’s software not only picks the proper ISO, which might not be anything you could manually set, but it also modifies the noise reduction properly.

It never occurred to me. After all, isn’t ISO 100 always ISO 100? Apparently, it isn’t. Not in the digital world.

Normally, I’d set the ISO in this situation to about 3,200. And, I’d have a lot of noise to clean up in post production. In some cases it might not be repairable. Using the auto function and the PhaseOne processor, the noise was negligible and could be easily repaired. Even the bottom picture, which is mostly all shadows didn’t take as much work as it could have.

Even though I’m not a spokesperson for any app maker, I can say that pairing PhaseOne with On1 always makes my work a lot easier than using Photoshop to Lightroom. For one thing, it doesn’t take as much computing power to use them. And, the difference is like using a fencing foil and a battle-axe to do processing and finishing.

If you are wondering, the bottom picture is my favorite. It looks and feels like a painting to me.

Really masked.
Really masked.




    1. Good luck with that. Aside from never remembering all that gobbledygook, stuff like auto ISO came from a users group. I tried it. It worked and I asked Sony why. But, if you insist… learn the root version in Japanese🇯🇵.

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