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Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man

Playing, playing, playing

Playing, playing, playing

It’s the music.

Music drives the second line. The tuba starts it, but the rest of the band keeps it going. Even an “old-fashioned” instrument like a tambourine is important. Old-fashioned because they’ve fallen out of fashion with bands who play on stage. But, they seem to be coming back. A little.

This picture was taken just before the club made their appearance. The band, or should I say bands, was getting going. Banging. Blowing, Tapping. For all they were worth.

If you’ve never been to a second line, you have no idea how this forces your heart, soul and feet to move. You cannot help but sway in time to the music. Even the pavement moves.

If you are coming to New Orleans for any reason, leave your Sunday afternoon open. There are 47 second lines a year. Unless some other big event gets in the way, like Mardi Gras, you’ll be able to see one. Walk in one. Feel the energy.

It’s like going to church. A big old school Baptist church. Were the singers, sing. And sway. And stomp to the rhythm.



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