A Heart of Change

Mid winter blooms.


I made a change. No news. No social media. And, I stayed away from the local protests.

I wanted a little peace. The dogs and I walked about four miles. I took a few pictures. Of the things that I saw. That the dogs saw. I didn’t photograph the street.

I will in a few hours. The women’s parade. The local version of the global one. We have friends walking everywhere. In Washington. In New York. In London. 

Something good will come of this. Maybe not today. Or, tomorrow. But, I feel it. Inside.

The picture. iPhone. Snapseed in post production. After all, I spent a lot of time walking. And, dogs don’t walk in a straight line. Neither do I. 


      1. Oh I know it will – it is already doing so Ray, we get swamped with media coverage as well. It is an anxious time for the entire world – this planet is very small these days – look at me I’m talking to you and seeing your pictures and you’re on the other side of the world. Very worrying.


      2. Don’t fuse “hoping” with what happened today. Millions of people marched all over the world. Not just “over there.” In Paris. And, in London, where my sister in law said she thought the march was even bigger than “one billion strong.” This the park that lights the flame. Women (and men) are angry and it shows now.

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      3. And the target is very clear – I love it Ray the world has to shake fleas like this off and it can do it but first people have to get angry enough to shake – I just hope that it happens the right way and the fleas fall off – not the wrong way and the dog dies 💛


      4. I’m a long way away from Sydney Ray but I’m there in spirit and here on the keyboard – there are over 15 million bloggers world wide – it must help if only to give support to the ones that can march – I would like to think so because it feels awful to be useless.


      5. According to WordPress there are 180 million WordPress bloggers. Using the basic business rule of 80-20, that means at least 36 million… 🙂 on WordPress alone who actually blog frequently. Don’t feel useless. There is a lot of organizing that can be done from remote places today. I run both of our businesses from a smartphone, and a keyboard when we are home. Musician Jimmy Buffet used to say that he ruled his world from a payphone. Start with your blog. I don’t usually reblog general life musings. But, I do for something like this. Others are the same way.

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      6. Wow! Okay my data was so incorrect and that makes me feel so much better. You are a busy man Ray but if you could take a look at my two latest posts I would appreciate your feedback. If not – that’s cool, completely understand. 😊


      7. WordPress keeps selling me (trying to) so they send me their latest data. No problem. Right now, we aren’t that busy. That’s planned. But, once the two weeks of parades for Mardi Gras starts and we restart the tour… ouch.

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  1. Today was a good day. In LA, Washington, and everywhere that people decided to come together and march. Focus energy in the direction you want things to go. Focus on the things we can do, not on on the negativity. I still have hope. Unity a powerful thing. xo


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