More Winter

From behind.
From behind.

A little more winter. Bare trees. Foggy days. Warm air.


Warm air. We’ve gone from very cold days — for us — to spring-like weather with temperatures just under 80 degrees. So, I thought I’d show you a few more pictures from around the house. And, once I get processing again, I’ll show you a butterfly. Not just any butterfly, but the most amazing butterfly ever. It’s lavender and purple and magenta. It’s about the size of my fist and it is growing on a bush that has those color flowers.

The streets?

Oh, more pictures are coming. I’ve just had a month’s worth the technological problems in three days. I haven’t been able to process or edit very many pictures. As usual, various companies’ software doesn’t play well with one another after various upgrades. In this case PhaseOne, my basic editing software does not like the new Mac operating system. It shows its dislike by grabbing onto all apps and even my internet browser and not letting go even when I force it to quit. This stuff happens around the change of the year when everybody releases new upgrades.

For the record, Apple and Adobe (Photoshop) never, since the beginning of digital time, have ever played well together upon new releases.

So. Yes. These pictures came from my iPhone and were processed in Snapseed. I finished them in On1, which has its on set of issues.

No matter. I am never denied.

That’s your lesson for the day. Don’t be denied. Now, let’s just see if I can get Alexa working again. She gave up yesterday because of my other digital issues. I need her to do stuff for me. Like play music, alarm the house, wake up various people, set the thermostat, buy stuff from Amazon. Yes, especially that. Buy stuff.

Winter softness.
Winter softness.


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