It Ain’t Easy

Haircuts and other things.
Haircuts and other things.

This picture says it all.

About getting your hair cut. About getting photographed. About being forced to do anything.

I’m not exactly sure about the interaction between the barber and his customer, but the man with the shears has a pretty good grip on the kid’s head. While the barber was cool with my work, his customer might not have been. Hard to know. Or… easy. Heh!

The picture. I try to use events as a platform to photograph other community pictures. While I was photographing the second line and the people getting ready to walk, I also made pictures of anything else that caught my attention. Even though the Hot Spot was functioning as the club’s dressing room, the show still had to go on. So, while some folks were putting on the final touches to their suits, others were just going about their Saturday business. Getting their hair cut. For instance.

Technical stuff. I don’t really know. I could check the meta data, but I won’t. Knowing me, it’s f5.6 or greater since there’s pretty good front to back sharpness in fairly low light. Shutter speed? Nothing is blurred, so at least 1/60th of a second.


  1. I have never seen the photographs so alive, so expressive and so compelling as yours about the barbershop. It’s so much life in all your photographs!!!!


  2. Got to love that expression. Maybe see you tomorrow as George is playing somewhere in the quarter for ‘King day’ and I’m going to ride up with him about 10 or so.


    1. I don’t know of anything in the Quarter for MLK Day. It’s usually a city wide day of service. There is a parade that starts at city hall and ends in Central City. A couple of years ago the parade turned into 10 minutes of terror as two rival gangs shot it out in the middle of the crowd.

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      1. Maybe it’s just some club he’s been hired to play. If rain looks imminent I’ll probably stay home anyway. George is seldom totally clear unless I give him the 3rd degree. This is the same ‘history expert’ we have discussed before.


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