The Tuba Starts It

What the tuba saw.
What the tuba saw.

The tuba starts it.

When you hear the tuba honk, you know the second line is rolling. It’s starting. The thing the neighborhood came out to see. Even though second lines are spread throughout the city, they really are a neighborhood thing.


You see the same faces at many parades. People like me, who just like to be there. People who help run the parade. People who sell food and beverages of all kinds. Even the police who protect us.

For someone like me, seeing familiar faces, this really matters. I get a way with all sorts of stuff. I wander inside the clubhouses and bars to photograph the crews as they are preparing. I walk inside the ropes. I walk inside the band formation. Because they let me.

And, why not? I’ve always wanted to play in a brass band. I suppose it would help if I actually could play a brass instrument.

These pictures. Made with my new Sigma Art lens. It saved my behind. It’s fast focusing. It’s got a fairly wide aperture. And, it’s fairly small. Compared to a lot of the newest high-end lenses, it’s tiny. That’s what I like. Good on the street. And, nobody takes it all that seriously. Oh yeah, it’s 60mm. But, it “sees” like a 90mm lens because I use it on ย a camera with an APS sized sensor.

I wish I could tell you something about technique. But, this is simply F8 and be there. See the picture and shoot it. Do not hesitate. It will never be there again. Sort of like all of you and me… don’t hesitate. We’ll never be this way again.

A quite bit of housekeeping. Between Storyteller and two business, I receive a lot of email. As of this morning, there areย just a little bit over 500 emails in my mailbox. And, that’s after working through about 100 yesterday. If I don’t respond quickly, or thank you for following, or liking a post, don’t think evil of me. I will get to it. Eventually. I promise.

Make no mistake. I am so grateful to be this busy.

The watchful eyes.
The watchful eyes.


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