Winter Sky

Very cold.
Very cold.

The weather turned cold.

I’m not in the habit of wearing winter under garments in the swamp. But, this morning’s dog walk was well below freezing. Well below. I hope to photograph a second line and the postponed first parade of the Carnival Season. The second line starts at noon. That should be okay. But, the Krewe of Joan of Arc doesn’t roll until 7:30 pm. You know what night fall does to cold temperatures. Even though I live in New Orleans, I’m not from here. I have cold weather gear. Many people around this place do not.

The picture. There’s a little experimentation going on here. I’ve been playing with the spatial relation of frames. I’ve been interested in how they can either pull the picture into a box, or, become part of the picture. Obviously, this is the latter.

As we say around here at this time of year, Happy Mardi Gras.

Now I gotta go buy a king cake. That’s for all day consumption. I also want to find a bag of babies. No, not real humans. The little plastic ones that are baked into a king cake. I have an idea.


    1. Yes. We do. No. They are all plastic. By tradition, the person who gets the baby buys the next King Cake. Even the dogs get a little piece of cake during Carnival. Once one of them got the baby. She spit it out. 🙂

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