Round Things

Wok and chopsticks.
Wok and chopsticks.

A very interesting thing happens when I complain loudly on Storyteller. WordPress changes their ways.

A few of you tried to help out. I really appreciate that. Way more than you know. The solutions that you offered didn’t work out because under the basic formatting, looks a little different from your formatting. Mine costs money. I get to pay for the silliness of “the customer knows worst” scenario.


You helped out in another way. Apparently the technicians at WordPress monitor certain things. Not specifically by blog or web site. Instead, by certain key words. Your comments help bring complaints to the surface. So, thank you. That should also give you an idea of why key wording is so important. Call it tagging. Same thing. Do it as best you can. It helps people find your work.

One more thing.

Don’t over tag. Write tags for what is on your blog page, not what you wish was there. And, keep the combination of categories and tags to no more than 15. WordPress told me that. The way their software works with Google searches limits us to 15 words. Anything more and the software throws all of them out and Google can’t “see” your page.

Guess what?

I clicked on my dashboard and the old formatting reappeared. Magically. Imagine that.

The actual format desktop is much more minimal and cleaner looking. But, how I see the page is how I want to see the page. After all, I’m an old guy. I don’t write code. I design by seeing and by tinkering with the page itself. Just like I do with my work. Tinker. Tinker. Tinker. It’s all just a bunch of toys. Those of you of a certain age will see what I’ve done there. Heh.

Today is about round.

Every picture has a round element in it. Even those little candy shots on the ice cream, which is on a donut, has some roundness to it. I’m not in the habit of shooting food porn and plastering it all over Instagram, I do take pictures of food when I can play with it. Just like a toddler. Playing with food.


A wok and chopsticks. And, the donut-ice cream-candy shots. If I see a picture I take it. You just never know. Most of my family and friends are used to it so they don’t care. I don’t eat very many sweet things, so the sugary desert was somebody else’s. I think I know who it belonged to. She ate it in about two gulps. Big ones.

The lights are just those big paper party lanterns that you can hang in your backyard. I kind of blew the highlight exposure while trying to keep the dark background properly exposed. So, I did the obvious thing. I tinkered with the digital file. Now you have no idea what you are looking at.

Seems right.




  1. Hi, Ray. Love all the tinkering shots you’ve been posting. I would love them even more if you’d include some tutorials on how you did them. You tease me with a few small details and leave out the meat! I’m a newbie photographer and Photoshop user so I need details, man. I’m also an old gal so it takes me a little longer than when I had a fresh brain. Thanks for any help you can give. If you are wondering what I’m looking for, see if you can Maranto Photography’s blog and see how she does it. It’s not lots of writing but a little more details than you give.
    Thanks for sharing your awesome work. Mar


    1. I’ll tell you what, make me an offer. Twenty years of working with Photoshop starting before there was an Abode should be worth something. I never ever wanted to make selling to other photographers part of my revenue stream but everybody else does it. So, why not? BTW, in the site you emailed me all she did was darken the image and reduce the contrast but she took the long way around.

      Ray Laskowitz Laskowitzpictures 505.280.4686



  2. Gotta love the tinkering. :0) Thanks for the info on tags!! Good to know, although I don’t think I ever think of any more than 10 anyways- but I always wondered. I’ve seen people with tags a mile long. Seemed silly. I hope they didn’t read how I get into my panel 😉 Great photos. Have a good day!


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