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Anything. Everything.



This may be it. For a while.

I begged them not to do it. But, just like every other tech company today, they think they know better than their clients. Their customers. They deleted the backdoor to Storyteller. I have no idea what I’m doing with this so-called new, improved, and fucked up method of posting. They started this last year. A lot of us complained about it. They left the backdoor alone. They said they might eliminate it. New Year. Nothing better to do. So their engineers removed what was a very elegant way to add “content.”

I have no idea what MY page looks like. Before I post it. And, I have to add all the metadata by hand. Yeah. This is better. Not. And, what’s with the “beep-bop-beep?” What am I? 12 years old?

These pictures. Hmmm. The dinosaur. That’s black and white Tri-x film that I scanned and started adding stuff. You’d be surprised how unclean black and white film looks after it’s scanned. There is all sort of latent color even when you turn all color sources off. I played to it.

Chicken Mart. A landmark. In Central City. There’s another out in the Ninth Ward, I think.

Ladders and chairs was made on Magazine Street in The Lower Garden District. On a break from Mardi Gras festivities.

Oh yeah. Sorry for the so-called “f-bomb.” I have no time to mince words anymore. It is what it is.


Chicken Mart.


Up and down.



  1. I don’t even know what the back door is, but I know what the Beep-bop-beep is and your comment is too funny!! Great pictures! So… just to be random, what is this back door you are referring to? I’m curious because I think I might know.


    • You used to be able to — as of yesterday — go to “My Sites” and a drop down would appear. Follow that to the admin board without clicking on anything and you could to posts/new posts. Now you can’t. Now when you go to my sites, you have to click and it takes to the new (about a year old) formatting method.

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      • Ok, because if you are talking about the board where you can edit settings and media sizes and all that, I found a way to get in there. My little icon stopped me from getting in awhile back. But if I click on myself, under the comments at the stats page, it takes me to that board. That’s the only way I can get in there now. Maybe not what you mean, but I know I was happy to get in there.


      • Thanks. It took me right back to the new format. WordPress keeps trying to sell me stuff. Now it’s I think I’ll call my sales rep. I’ll buy if they I can go back to the old way of formatting. Very evil grin.

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  2. Maybe not an entirely relevant comment but your Chicken Factory photo reminds me of a place I saw while visiting South Africa. We were driving down the highway and passed a chicken processing plant called The Fat Chick. None of the natives seemed to understand why I thought it was funny.


      • Spent most of the time at a game lodge near Vaalwater but also spent some time in Johannesburg, Kruger Park and some other game lodge that was very close to the border of Botswana.


  3. I know your frustrations. There is a place called “PREVIEW” in the same block area as you post. When you click “PREVIEW” it takes you to a single page that will show you exactly how your page will look before you post it. Good luck, love NOLA! Love your photos!


    • Thank you. That’s just added time and less efficiency. I’ve designed ages for years. I want to see what I’m doing as I do it. I don’t want plop something down, hope it works, redo it and redo it. It was elegant two days ago. Now it’s not.

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  4. Don’t know if your back door was the old Dashboard page. I got frustrated when they took that away, but you can get to it by adding “wp-admin” after the


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