Wet Market in Hong Kong
Wet Market in Hong Kong

So. I’ll keep going.

This is a very early version of my digital experimentation. It’s from a time when I wanted to make a photograph look like something else entirely. Like a watercolor painting. I added some more stuff to it. And, there you have it.

This is old enough that the original exposure was made on film. For me, even the original slide worked because it gave the viewer the same sense that I had at the time when I took the picture. Crowds. Swirling Color. Energy. Motion. And, for a Westerner, a lot of confusion.

Giving the viewer a sense of something. How it feels. Being there. Isn’t that what a picture is supposed to do?

Oh yeah. I bet you want to know where it is. The wet market in Central. Hong Kong. China. I took it from the “Travelator.” The world’s longest escalator. On the way home.

One more thing about the original version of this picture. For a time, it was published everywhere. In travel magazines. Travel sections of Sunday newspapers. Brochures. Even a vertical billboard. I suppose it had an iconic feel to it.



    1. Thank you. I’m going what I should have done a couple of years ago. I didn’t forget your pictures. The holiday was one where I was lucky to know which day it was. Only my beard knew. ⛈⛈⛈

      1. I worked the whole Fri, Sat, Sun of New Year’s….ugh. It was pretty bad, so I’m telling myself all that was still 2016 and I get to start my new year today. This may or may not work 🙂

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