Well, that was something. Yesterday. More comments than usual. More comments expressing opinion beyond the comments of image praise. It made me smile. It should make you smile. I never intended for Storyteller to be political. But, these are strange days, indeed. John Lennon said that. Forty years ago. I suspect as 2017 rolls on, Storyteller […]

I’m going to tell you a story. This story, in so many ways, is about all of us in The United States. My grandfather was a Russian immigrant. He came to this country in 1905. He was a sailor in the Royal Russian Navy during the time of the first Russian Revolution. He was a […]

It seems we have entered the looking-glass. Things are upside down. All I know is what Bob Dylan said, ” This is hard country, to stay alive in Blades are everywhere, and they’re breaking my skin I’m armed to the hilt, and I’m struggling hard You won’t get out, of here unscarred It’s a long road, […]

Happy Chinese New Year. Life changes. This holiday almost escaped me. How could entering The Year of the Fire Rooster pass me by? Time. Passings. Distance. Once I spent a lot of time in Asia. Mostly Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Bangkok. Now, I don’t. When I returned to New Orleans I became more involved with […]

Sometimes, the view from the inside is as good as the one from the line. You know, the second line. At least, it is for me. I think the moments that surround the main action are maybe more interesting than the action, itself. I like the fringes. The edges. The corners. These pictures were made […]

Mardi Gras. Things are taking shape. The city is getting ready. Decorations are popping up everywhere.  Normally they are green, gold and purple.  I have no idea why these are red. Or, why the skulls are featured. But, the whole thing caught my attention. Hopefully it will catch yours. The picture. Oh, you know.

Brass Bands and me. You know me. I like brass bands. I like them best when they are chaotic. When they are working in the street. When they are surrounded by a crowd. You also know that I like to layer my pictures so that you get some sense of the scale and depth. I was […]

It’s the music. Music drives the second line. The tuba starts it, but the rest of the band keeps it going. Even an “old-fashioned” instrument like a tambourine is important. Old-fashioned because they’ve fallen out of fashion with bands who play on stage. But, they seem to be coming back. A little. This picture was […]