And, Then…

Strange nights.
Strange nights.

And then…

It got weird.

I thought I would publish a few experiments on the last day of the year. And, leave you wondering if I’m really okay. No worries. I am. I didn’t get into too much holiday cheer. And, the down sides of 2016 didn’t get too deep into me.

I just decided to mess around a bit. Tinker. Play. Take a few pictures as far as I could. Or, maybe as far as anybody could. Or, would want to.

While I was working, two things came to mind.

I did most of this post production work to hide some technicalΒ deficiencies, mostly brought about by taking pictures with a smart phone. Then, I just kept going. Instead of just trying to fix them, I went some place else. Either I made art, or I made a mess. I’m still thinking about that.

The second thing. I don’t think I’m going to take many pictures with my smart phone in the coming year. Yeah, yeah. It’s fine if that’s all you have with you at the time. It’s small and it stays in your pocket, or one of those nerdy holsters. But, no matter what its sensor size might be, it isn’t the size of even a bridge camera. It’s optics aren’t as good. The processor isn’t as good. Besides, for most things, I use mirrorless cameras. They are small enough. I used to carry a full-sized SLR everywhere.Β Why can’t I carry a little tiny mirrorless body and lens everywhere?

After all, this is what I do.

That’s it for 2016.

Happy New Year. Wherever you are. However you celebrate.

Welcome to 2017.

CN locomotive.
CN locomotive.

Published by Ray Laskowitz

I am a visual storyteller. I've been making pictures for some 40 years. I travel the world in search of the right image. in the right light at the right time. You can reach me by phone at 505.280.4686, or by email at or For a quick look at my work please go to

28 thoughts on “And, Then…

  1. Artistic Experimentation is good for the old noggin’! I plan to carry my camera around more as well. Although I take lots of photos with my cell phone, I would like to start making some nice enlargements – up to 16×24 I recently researched mirrorless cameras and finally purchased a Panasonic Lumix G85 which I’m looking forward to using on more extended outings and hikes. But I mostly use a wonderful compact Canon GX5 which looks like a mini-SLR, but fits in a large pocket, has a bright EVF, is fast at f1.8/2.8 and produces sharp 20mp images – no I’m not a salesman – but very happy with it! The downside is that a retractable lens is not protected from weather or sand etc, and I cannot even attach a lens cap of ND filters.


    1. I do experiment all the time. I just don’t show it very often.Usually I get a fairly positive response. I guess people want to do something other than just take pictures that look like pictures.I had a canon G something about 7 or 8 years back, before Nikon was making anything equivalent and well before mirrorless cameras came into play. It was fine. I liked it, because as with mirrorless cameras, nobody took me seriously so I could move around at will. I’m much happier with the Sony cameras and for film, my Leicas. Also, since so many people make adaptors fro Sony bodies I can use Leitz glass with Sony sensors and processors. If you want a sharp image, the ones made with that combination will peel your eyeballs.

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  2. Happy New Year and thanks for sharing all your photographs, insights and New Orleans.
    When I stopped working professionally as a photographer, I slowly sold all my beautiful, but heavy Nikon bodies and lens. I bought an OMD EM5 with prime lenses. I can walk around all day with that camera hanging from my neck and never feel the weight. I still shoot manually and in raw. I re-discovered the joy of photography. I will probably be adding the new Pen F to my family.
    I think iPhoneography has it’s own place in the art world. But, you are right, it will never replaced the feel of a camera in your hand and pressing down on the shutter.


    1. Happy New Year to you. A couple of my friends swear by Oly systems. Apparently, the latest OMD EM5 is as good as it gets…. this year. πŸ™‚ One of them actually shot an assignment with a Pen F, and 25 (?) mm pancake lens. His client didn’t care and the pictures were just fine. He was happy because he took the gear he needed and clothes, etc in one roller. Google Larry Price or Jay Dickman if you’d like to see their work. They are old newspaper guys. We all started out together at different places. The portablity thing is why I changed. I switched in the middle of 12 months of heavy traveling. Even if the gear wasn’t good, the ability to move through airports would have made up for it. I chose Sony mostly because of the sensor (which they make for many other camera companies including Nikon), the size of the mother company, and the ability to use just about any lens I choose with an adaptor.

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    1. CN owns most of the freight right of way, cars and engines through the US Midwest. If you looked at Google maps, you’d see that NOLA is a giant train yard with facilities surrounding and in the city. All three major freight haulers are here as well as Amtrak.


      1. It is. They just bought up a lot of the remaining small freight lines. I probably shouldn’t say this, but they are really horrible neighbors. So, maybe you’re right. No C.


  3. Where is this trainyard, Ray? Now that I have started exploring the river park out in Bywater and Marigny….a future place to visit.


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