The look and feel.
The look and feel.


What could I write that hasn’t been already written? It’s been a rough year. It doesn’t seem to want to let go. There’s also been some wonderful moments. Especially when you look at them at a more granular level. Dig in.  Forget all the noise. Just listen to the signal.

In my case all I really had to do was look at my work for the last year. I thought, “Hmmm, some of this isn’t half bad.” On the other hand, some of this year’s work falls into the “what the hell was I thinking” category.

And, so it goes.

Here are twelve pictures that I made in 2016. Twelve pictures that I like. One for every month. But, not organized by month. Are they my best? I don’t know. Ask me tomorrow. Or, the next day. Or, the day after that. My thinking changes on a daily basis. As it should.

Enjoy the work.





  1. =On the other hand, some of this year’s work falls into the “what the hell was I thinking” category.=

    Yeah, that’s how I feel about nearly _all_ of my work — which is why I usually wait a week or so to publish. 😀 –then again, your work is so much higher quality, even though it’s a different medium, that I doubt you need to do this even an eighth as much.

    (A belated) Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!


  2. I love very, very much all of these photographs. They all were taken from the heart. You can tell it and you feel it.

    You should be very proud of yourself creating such great photographs. I would be. And you should be grateful to 2016 that it gave you such a wonderful opportunity to take these fabulous pictures!


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