In the Dark

In the shadows.
In the shadows.

A Christmas night visit turned into a picture. A kind of spooky little picture. Full of shadows and mystery. Hiding places. And, fog.

This is what happens when you take a camera everywhere. I anticipated taking a few Christmas pictures with old friends. But, on the way I saw light peeking through shadows and couldn’t resist. This is the kind of picture that they tell you absolutely has to be taken with a tripod. Maybe. Maybe not. I made this one hand-held. On the spur of the moment.

I have one more seasonal picture to show you. Then, I’m moving on. I gotta get away from 2016. It seems the year won’t let go. So, I will. Let go. That is.



      1. While it’s a Federal holiday because Christmas fell on Sunday, it’s not Boxing Day, so a lot of people work. Since I tend to work a little every day, I don’t see it as anything except that it’s easy to get around since their are fewer cars on the street. 🙂

      2. i work every day…well mostly…sometimes i lazy…this weekend i did not only cooking…i love the time just after dark for the same reason little or no cars…as i go to the woods often to walk the critters…my father taught me a lot about holidays and i really love holidays… 😀

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