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Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas.

Blue Christmas.

It’s funny about these things.

I had a multiple image story planned for today. Then stuff happened. I suffered the usual Monday morning digital blues. I have no idea why this happens every Monday on my main machine. First, the processing software hangs up. Then, Spotify hangs up. My internet browser slows down. I lose the internet. Everything locks up. Freezes. I have to do a hard reset. Which means I intentionally crash everything by unplugging the computer from the power source. If you use any kind of Apple computer you know how long it takes for everything to reboot and load. And, most apps start over. They have to reload everything because the data wasn’t properly saved.


While I was waiting for all systems to be go, I read a few news stories on my iPad.

One was about a young five-year old boy who died in Santa’s arms. That’s right. It’s going to be one of those trending stories on the web. I saw it early. A guy who acts as shopping mall Santa — Eric Schmitt-Matzen — was called to the hospital where this young child lay dying. They talked, Santa gave him a present and held him in arms until he passed. Mr. Schmitt-Matzen said that he ran crying past the nurses station and cried all the way home. I almost couldn’t get through the story and I’m having a hard time writing about it for you.

So. I’m a little behind in my digital work.

My plan for a multiple image post is driven by a couple of comments over the last few days. One person wanted to know how I get my ideas. That’s really tough, but I’ll try. The other poster is a fairly accomplished photographer in her own right. She wants to know about my post production and what amounts to my color palette. When I replied, I said that she should ask away because I never know how to start these things.

I was wrong. I think that I do. Know how to start these things.

Rather than just write a simple reply, I’m going to create a little tutorial. I’ll show you what I do and how I do it. More importantly, I’m going to explain why I do it. Knowing why helps a lot when you are trying to figure out your own path. It’s different for everybody. The funny thing about working with what amounts to ones and zeros is that you’d think this stuff would be fairly robotic. It isn’t. Those ones and zeros can be combined in an infinite number of ways… made to suit you and your vision.

I’ll start tomorrow.

This picture. The Christmas tree went up and I had to photograph it. Yes, yes, yes. I made the typical family pictures. I’d pay for a long time if I didn’t. Heh! Then I made “my” pictures. This is one of them. I call it Blue Christmas. I used a macro lens and pretty much placed it within the tree.

That’s it.



      • “I have no idea.” I love that respone. It’s second nature to you- it’s in your blood. I know how to frame a photo, I know what feeling and/or “look” I’m going for…but, I’m technically clumsy and have only unlocked half of what I can do with my camera and post production.
        Any little bit that you share will help the rest of us. I personally appreciate all that you’ve done to help me by answering my multiple questions. You da bomb, Ray!


      • Thanks. Let’s hope I don’t explode. For me, I always was… I have picture of myself around 5 or 6 holding a camera. It’s how I think. You’re probably not technically clumsy. That is just a matter of practicing and not paying attention to what you are doing. That’s a very Zennish thing. Do something long enough and eventually you stopping thinking about the act.


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