Lafayette No. 2

Down in the graveyard.
Down in the graveyard.

This is inspired. By this year. 2016. Soon to come to an end.

I’m not even going to list the things that happened this year. Most of them were bad. You know what they were. It seems like the bad news never let up. One thing after another. One person after another. One musician after another. One horrible event after another.

I hate to sound cynical. I read a lot of posts and tweets. A lot of people are hoping for a better year. Next year. In 2017.

Why would that be? Why should things get better because we hope for a better year?

We were inspired by the word, “hope” eight years ago. Some things did get better. For a while. As musician Neil Young wrote, “You can’t eat hope.” Then things got worse.

You can’t hope without doing. You can’t say that you’ll try without doing. You know what Yoda said. “There is no try, there is only do or not do.”


Let’s all do something. Whatever it is we do. Let’s do it.

As far as the “famous passings” go, to everything there is a season. I’m going to miss those musicians who left us this year. We have their music. They live in their songs. If we do what we do, we’ll live on too.

In case you haven’t figured out what event brought on this post… Godspeed John Glenn.


  1. I like your comment … “You can’t hope without doing” and very powerful photo to illustrate the end of a bad year for many folks. So, yes, let’s all do something – whatever good and humble thing God lays on your heart.


  2. Ray, I have made several images of the graveyard at Beaux Bridge when I was in Lafeyette.

    Keep the posts coming. BTW I feel your pain about the way things have gone recently. I still try to
    keep smiling, but it is difficult sometimes.


    1. Storyteller is a little over five years old and I actually don’t feel much lingering emotional pain. I’m either cold hearted or Zennish, depending on who you ask… 🙂 I haven’t been to Breaux Bridge since probably before the storm although I have a lot of musician friends up there.


    1. I have no idea where my ideas come from. As Bob Dylan once said about his music, “I’m just the portal.” As far as all the rest of it goes… practice, practice, practice. Do something about photography every day of your life.

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    1. As Tom Wolfe said, he really was the last American hero. The real deal. Read about him and his life was as full as it could be, mostly in service to others. We fly all the time. I was scared of flying a long time back. I think it’s really about control and not having any while you are in the air. The minute I learned control was over rated, my fear of flying went away.

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