Christmastime in the South

What's a little snow between friends?
What’s a little snow between friends?

It’s the season.

A little Christmas. A little southern. A little over done. A little winter. A little snow.

Obviously, I didn’t make this picture this year. It’s been too warm in the south.


I did what many visual people do. I photographed it when I could. I saved it. I published when it was appropriate. It’s that old timing thing again. The hardest part of taking pictures like this, aside from just getting there, is to remember to publish it later. Because I know that, I keep pretty good notes with long-term come up files. When I get to a certain date, I reminded to do certain things. Like publish this picture.

It also reminds me of other things. One’s that I’d rather forget. Today is the anniversary of John Lennon’s murder. He was killed later in tonight. December 8, 1980. Often I think it’s the 9th. I confuse myself because I learned of it the next day. A phone call came. I heard the words and couldn’t believe it. I never knew him. I knew his music. As a music writer buddy  of mine wrote in his column, “It felt like a death in the family.” It’s been 36 years since that horrible day. It feels like yesterday.

Funny how that happens.


  1. What a nice post to get ‘into’ the Christmas spirit and an amazing picture I must add!

    I just finished a post about the 10 best Christmas gifts to give without murdering people in the stores. It’s really nice to read some other posts about it for inspiration.

    Keep up the good work 🙂


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