Dark Night

Weirdness on Royal Street.
Weirdness on Royal Street.

Another night in The French Quarter.

This is what happens when you break the rules. You know. Don’t shoot into the light. Keep the light behind you. Use a flash at night. Why? Why? Why? Yeah. You’ll get a picture. It’ll likely be boring. If you take a chance something good might happen. Sort of like life. I suppose.


I made this picture at the end of a night in the French Quarter. Taking pictures. I was walking back to my car, down the middle of Royal Street, when a mule drawn carriage was headed straight for me.  I had some distance between the driver and me, so I stood there and took a couple of pictures. Then I did some post production and added some more evilness to the image.

There you have it.

I owe my thinking to a colleague and friend of mine. She is putting the finishing touches and a French Quarter inspired book. I’ve read a bit of it. If her book had end plates, this is the picture. Even though this is just a mule drawn carriage that appeals to the tourist trade, in this picture it looks like an old school hearse. The ones you see at jazz funerals.


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