Color in the rough.
Color in the rough.

Another of those seasonal pictures. Again.

They seem to follow me wherever I go. That’s okay.

Soon. There won’t be any leaves. Until winter passes. And, spring makes its way. And, summer too.

Just a cycle. Of life.

The picture. Look around. Up. Down. Photograph what you see. Help it, if you need to. That’s it.


      1. Haha … I have 40 years of Kodachrome that I’m going to start scanning. Those were the days of getting the shot right from the get go – exposure, composition, bracketing … then wait a week to get my slides back. I have a tray of 140 select slides for each summer of our family with our 5 kids. One of my daughters told me that she misses the family slide shows on our big 6ft screen – especially the click click. But I still love digital and all the editing stuff to fine tune the images.


  1. I think you should go up to “The Himalayas” and you will be capture what most can’t. Snow leopards are shy and avoid contact with humans but I think they would want to pose for you and I don’t think it would stop at that, The Yeti, would finally come out in the open for you.

    Great work bringing true colours.


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