Condensation on the window.
Condensation on the window.

Experiment day.

For those of you who have been around here for a little bit, you know that Sunday is often the day I post experiments. Could be in shooting style. Or, in post production. Or, in content.

In this case it is everything.

A few days ago, one of the post production apps — On1 — that I use a lot, released their newest software. It is not an update. It is built new, entirely from the ground up. It does a lot of new things, but its biggest selling point is that is a RAW image processor. We won’t need anything but their software to develop, process and finish a picture.  Every photographer who uses On1 is excited about it.


The folks who develop the software have a history of releasing new versions well before their time. Half baked. Buggy. Needing a couple of upgrades before it is stable. They released what their marketing department calls “preview” software to all of us who pre-ordered it. That sounds fine.


It wasn’t. It’s not preview anything. It’s barely developmental software.  At best it is beta test in sheep’s clothing. I never do beta testing. After all, one really bad bug can cause problems within the architecture of your computer.

If I had known this, I would have never downloaded it. So far, it’s been super slow as a processor and it’s crashed my computer to the point that only a hard reset — unplugging the computer from the power source — could get my machine going again. This has been the general consensus on many user boards. To be fair, some people had no problems using it. But, they seem to be in the minority.

That said, I did manage to do one simple test.

This picture.

The one you are looking at. We are drifting back and forth between very cold air and slightly warmer air as we move closer to winter. Well, our version of winter. That creates a lot of condensation on just about everything. I made this picture through my studio window. I processed it entirely on the new On1 software. It took forever. Even when the bugs didn’t get in the way, it really slowed down my personal workflow.  I have to believe it will get faster once the final release is made in mid-December.


Most of this image, especially the background, is wholly created using the software. In fact, after reviewing it, I’m certain the only the water drops are original to the picture.  Of course, that opens a great debate. What is photographic art?

I’m not going there now. I will, if you’d like to talk about it.