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On Thanksgiving

Peace in the neighborhood.

Peace in the neighborhood.


Even though you may not celebrate it as an official holiday, no matter where you live in the world, you have something to be thankful for. For me — in no particular order — it’s family, children, friends, dogs, art, music, photography, my own ability to make pictures, health, life itself and, and, and… I could never complete this list. Even if I could I don’t want to.

The picture. I like this corner. It’s located near my pre-storm neighborhood. I see ghosts when I look at it. I see second lines passing through. I see people playing basketball on the street. I see fish fries. Block parties. I see 6 or 7 feet of flood water. I see a neighborhood that always hung in there through good and bad. I see New Orleans. The real New Orleans. The more blue-collar New Orleans.

I’m thankful for that. All of it. Even the bad stuff. Remembering that means I’m alive. And, for that I am extremely thankful.

If you look closely, to the left, you’ll see a turned over plastic chair. That’s New Orleans too, he said with a huge grin.



  1. kingajpg says

    Lovely post! Everyone needs to appreciate things once in a while to remind ourselves how much we actually have, rather than complaining all the time like humans usually do. Also beautiful photo! You captured the sunlight perfectly.

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    • Thank you. And, thanks for your work documenting the Pacific Theater. My dad served there from 1944-46. After the fighting ended he remained has part of the occupation force.

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      • Please thank your father for me. If he is no longer with us, I would be honored to put his information in the Farewell Salutes. (Hometown, branch of service, unit – if available, etc.)


  2. Reblogged this on Digital oasis and commented:
    In Ray’s post about Thanksgiving there is both a picture and short paragraphs describing what Thanksgiving signifies to the photographer. Both of which are beautiful.


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